580EXII recycle time: 2 seconds ?!

Started Aug 10, 2009 | Discussions thread
OP Edgard Contributing Member • Posts: 578
Re: 580EXII recycle time: 2 seconds ?!

Sounds very impressive to me, I wouldn't complain at that performance (not that you are complaining, perhaps the other posters have misunderstood.

If you have indeed properly set the flash to fire at 1/1 full power, as it appears you have and it recycled back to fully charged in 2.2 seconds, I'll be taking a look at those batteries myself with a view to using them ASAP.

How did you time the tenths of a second, did you use a stopwatch?

Thanks JJP801... definitively some people don't read the post before answering, LOL. I'm impressed because 2 seconds is way to quick for my expectations.

I should admit I used a sort of sound metronome it can be inaccurate, but I assure it was less than 3 seconds (and more than 2).

beep+shoot.... beep.... beep - red light -... beep

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