D300 is much easier to operate than a p&s

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Re: D300 is much easier to operate than a p&s

gl2k wrote:

First thing : Nice that you keep a very professional and productive tone in your posts.

and you too! I apologise if i sound harsh at times. If you were another person this would most likely be a pi$$ing contest already...

I can tell you from 6 month of intensive use of my TZ5 trying to do something that at least comes close to "photography" that if you use this p&s in iA mode (this is full auto mode) it produces nothing like crap except in the most trivial situations. So, using at least some of the scene modes is mandatory.

Well i do admit i've only used low-end compacts like the Nikon P50 and Sony DSC-PXX series. My experience with them has been less than pleasant. BUT if you work within the parameters of their design they can yield decent results i give you that. For example, i love 28mm macro on the P50, something DSLRs can't do.

Just a simple example : The TZ5 has no aperture. Instead it uses some kind of ND filter which is either open or closed (nothing in between). Under bright sunlight when the ND filter closes, the shutter speed goes down considerably. ie. from 1/1000 to 1/250. Therefore you have to dial in "sports mode" which increased the ISO (!!!) to gain the short shutter speed back. This is just one of dozens of weird behaviours you have to learn to make usefull shots with your "simple" p&s cam.

This said ... you have to learn quite a lot and really read the manual to fully utilize your p&s.

From what you said, that sounds like a major pain to work with. To be honest, there are only a handful of P&S that are designed for photographer, G10 is one that comes to mind. The others try to simulate or substitute functions that try to mimc what photographers expect from a functional camera (like that ND filter thing you were talking about). I think the moral here is use what the product is designed to do and you won't be frustrated!...too much.

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