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Re: Lithium Batteries

You are exactly right. Different types of batteries have different discharge curves. Some battery types decay in voltage in a very linear fashion. Others hold nearly the same voltage right up until the moment they are depleted. A manufacturer must calibrate the meter circuitry to the type of battery expected to be used. If you use a different type of battery, the meter is tricked because it does not know the discharge curve of that battery.

The real deal would be for the manufacturer to build in multiple calibration curves that could be user selectable. Of course that adds cost that is probably not needed by everyone.


Bill_C wrote:

Well, here's what happened with my Lithium batteries and CHDK firmware battery-life percentage countdown. I was visiting a potential college for my daughter and the CHDK readout was still indicating 100% battery charge (after months of use and hundreds of photos). I took a few pictures and a 40 second video and noticed the battery strength was now suddenly at 89%. Great news, it was actually working!! Right? Wrong! LOL. Two pictures later I got a quick "Change Batteries" message and the camera went dead.

Maybe the firmware doesn't like Lithiums? Anyone else experience this type of thing?

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