Favourite and dream macro lens

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Re: Favourite and dream macro lens


Dream is probably the A* 200 like a lot of others.

I do not have a dedicated macro lens but am very happy with what I have and have a large number of ways and means to get macro....some are a lot of fun trying. I do have an old Tamron adaptall lens that has a macro button but it is not close to 1:1.

My favourite is a Teleplus 2x 7 element 1:1 macro converter. When paired with a good quality 50mm lens it gives 1:1 and is as good as many macro lenses in my opinion. It also goes well with longer lenses though less than 1:1 I believe and shorter ones (and more than 1:1).

It is very nice with a Pentax 50mm 1.2 lens but I also like it with my Vivitar 28 f2 lens. It is also a two rimes converter and works well with all lenses to do that and IQ is pretty good for a manual focus 2x converter.

The best photo I have ever taken was with the 50 K 1.2 lens stopped down a bit and the teleplus...a Cicada pic that was lost when my pc needed fixing.

I also have a Magnicon 3x 1:1 converter that is actually not bad IQ was but not as good as the 2x Teleplus...again is ok as a 3x converter. I got it when my teleplus stopped working and nothing I did would fx it....one day it just decided to allow a lens to mount again and I hardly use the Magnicon much now...if you can get one cheap it is still very much worth getting.

I allso have a K mount 36mm extension tube and a set of m42 extension tubes (10mm 15mm and 20mm I think they are) that I use in various combinations with various manual focus primes...again since I am relying on the lens IQ alone they work very nicely.

I sometimes use combinations of macro converters and extension tubes for greater magnification.

I also have a couple of old m42 bellows that I use very rarely (one has a 55mm f2 Super Tak stuck on it).

Having said all that I also have a 1.7x auto focus adapter....this is not a macro converter but it focuses a lens closer than it otherwise would and with a already close focusing lens like the Vivitar 28 f2 it becomes effectively a macro lens (or at least near macro lens.

I even try and use the Teleplus with a 50mm lens AND the afa and it still auto focuses but much closer...or various other combinations.

I should say I do not really do a lot of macro but guess I just like to play around and experiment from time to time.

I went for a walk this morning to try and get something for this thread...with the 50mm 1.2 and the teleplus as one combination and the 58 f2 Biotar, flange adapter, 1.7x auto focus adapter and 15mm m42 extension tube as another but was nothing much around to photograph....oh well maybe later.


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