AF speed D700 slower than D3? how come ?

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Re: It is the batteries, and price issues...

now, I own both D3 & D700...

My plan is carrying D700 for it's lightweight point adding MB-10 etc....


Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

James Kei wrote:

I am not alone,

No, you're not. Having the same AF sensor is only part of the solution. The AF sensor tells the camera if the lens is focused too near or too far, and how much to move the lens. The motor (camera motor or lens motor) then has to move the lens, and the motor runs on the camera's batteries. Increase the battery power, and the motors move faster.

I think MDH was the only one to get this right.

Orginally, when I purchased D3, there was nothing in Nikon world offer FF DSLR, expect (Kodak), so signed credit card for 24 months payment of D3.

After just less than a year D3 came out, D700 arrived. I am so unhappy, due to the price of D700 so much less than D3, offer so close quality......

The price evens out a lot if you get the battery grip, D3 battery, charger, and the stupid end-cap you need to put on the battery to use it on the D700 grip. That all eats up some $800 to bring the AF speed of the D700 up to D3 levels...

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