50D 580EX2 flash problems

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Re: Why no samples ... Huh??

Please explain how my or any other user here can help you by giving you a email address? Flicker is free, join it and you can post images using it.

I'll even give you step by step instructions to post from Flickr.
Once you upload your images, click on the image you want to display.
Then click on the "All Sizes" icon just above your image.
Select a size, (please not full size)
Then scroll down below your image.
Copy text from "Option #2"
And paste it in your post here. No college education required.

(sample---htttp: farm3.static.flickr.com/2457/3789298155_829633c244.jpg)

Mike Silber wrote:

have never been avle to uploas images
if someone wants to help
awnd me your email

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