****Results of Challenge 84:

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****Results of Challenge 84:

Thanks again to all of you who submitted photos!

Here's the link to the original Challenge thread: http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1034&message=32535425

There were lots of very strong entries which showed 'great light' and I had real difficulties separating the top 5 or so photos. I've been lucky enough to have been able to judge a few of these challenges in the past - usually there has been a clear winner but this time that wasn't the case at all and any of the top 5 could have won.

Before we get onto the Top 10 photos I'd like to say a few words about some of excellent 'runners up' photos that didn't quite make the final cut:

http://ianbramham.aminus3.com/ (Photoblog)

These runners up photos are listed in the order in which they were posted to the challenge:

"graffiti Light" by rufusm

I really liked the strong diagonal composition with the long deep shadows and strong use of colour....well done!

"Winter in Manhattan" by ddr7

Not a very strong photo compositionally but the light is certainly exceptional!....I loved the plume of billowing steam!

"Up and Away" by PB BM

A lovely shot Rob enhanced by the quality of the gentle light and delicate colours.

The 3 badly incomplete geese at the edges of the photo let it down a little in terms of its overall composition although I have no idea how you could have captured this differently. I'm no longer any great believer in cloning out imperfections in photos but maybe there is a case to be made for it here?

"Sunset Bistro" by PhotogForLife

There were naturally many sunset and sunrise photos submitted but I thought this one was one of the stronger examples. The colours are particularly good however I thought the boat was a little small to hold the attention as the focal point of the photo.

"Sunset on the Chobe River" by pmallahan

Great use of the sun in this photo and I loved the colour. The glint of sunlight from the water in the foreground works well although it looks a bit small in this shot to be called a river.

The trees on the horizon line also work for me although I'd have liked to have either seen more birds in shot or none at all - the few that are visible in this shot are scattered about the frame and weaken the photo rather than strengthening it IMHO.

"Manhattan Sunset" by DezM

Another one from amongst the strong set of sunset/sunrise photos in this challenge (sorry I can't mention you all!)

The skyline in this one is great Dez and I like the sparkle coming off the edges of the sun.

"The mystic land" by Rajeshb

I loved the effect of the shafts of sunlight caught in the dust coming up off the road and the sillouettes of the people are great!

"Flame Trees" by ibeng

Great title to this one as the trees really are brought to life by the firey orange sunlight! I think I'd have preffered this one to be either longer and thinner in shape or maybe as a square crop as I think the shape of the frame looks a bit forced in this format.

"Riding through the Glade" by jptenor
Lovely light filtering down through the brances and leaves of the wood!

"Orange Mountain Majesties" by gif

Outstanding light, colour and smooth gradation of tone in this one but I'd have liked to have seen a little more of the great layering of colour you can get in this type of shot from the successive mountain ridges as they diminish into the distance.

"Untitled" by ysadhu

A lovely shot especially as I understand that it's a jpeg straight out of the camera with the only processing being a tilt correction.

"Untitled" by vladman

Congratulations on your first entry to one of these challenges - it's a lovely B&W!



We follow next with the Top 10 photos

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