The myth of upgrading from D300 --> D700

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Re: The myth of upgrading from D300 --> D700

I went from a D80 to a D700 after waiting to see what the D300 and then D90 would offer. Didn't offer enough of an upgrade.

The wide angle I remember from film days is a bigger advantage than I expected... and while I rarely shoot in the "high ISO" range you have to admit the incredible low-noise, usable 12k - 25k is pretty remarkable.... but what it all came down to was the quality of the images over any of the DX models.

It's easy to sit in a D300 forum saying the D700 isn't much of an upgrade (the D90 crowd does the same thing with the D300), especially when you aren't able to upgrade for whatever reason, or are too invested in DX glass.

But I'm sure this same thread in the D3 forum, with comments from all those that were amazed at the difference in IQ when they upgraded... and actual samples... would be a lot more interesting read.

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