Fast shutter speed can't save blur from unsteady hands?

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Re: about the photos

So with all the information I've gathered here, I went back and did a controlled experiment testing the effectiveness of AI-servo in my typical scenario of shooting dancers. The conditions were similar:

  • indoor lighting,

  • moderately fast moving targets,

  • non-linear target movements

All in all, I took about 400 shots, so the sample size is fairly good. 1/4 of these shots were done with One-shot focus (the way I've been doing things), and the rest using AI servo.

Here are the results:

  • With One Shot, about 30% of my results were sharp and in focus (based on my own subjective criteria)

Notes: I had to constantly refocus and reshoot in short bursts to keep up with the action. If one of the shots in the burst is blurred for whatever reason, the whole series of bursts is bad.

  • With AI-servo, about 45% of the shots were sharp and in focus (using the same standard I used for one shot).

Notes: This is a lot less stressful - I just keep the shutter button pinned down during the burst while following the action, letting the servo worry about focusing. Although the speed of the bursts dipped below 4 fps when the lens had problems obtaining focus quickly.

Needless to say, the results are encouraging. I'm definitely confident about using AI-servo in the field now.

Thanks everyone for your inputs! They've been invaluable. I'm learning alot more about the limitations and capabilities of my lens and the 40D.

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