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Re: Use Lightroom or Aperture

Here's my workflow

1. Connect the Firewire CF Reader
2. Create new session in Capture One 4 Pro
3. Import everything including the junk
4. Process the best shots and export as TIFs
5. Edit TIFs in CS4 and save as PSD leaving sharpening on its own separate layer

6. Delete sharpening layer and resize to 1024px using Genuine Fractals 6 (not only better at upsizing images, also downsizes images considerably better than CS4). Reapply sharpening and save again - this time as JPEQ using best quality.

7. Do a disk search for .NEF, .TIF, .PSD, .JPG and back up to corresponding folders on backup drive

The idea behind my workflow is pretty simple: Save and backup everything. Storage is cheap. Loosing files or information is not. Capture One 4 Pro is a crappy interface with an amazingly good program output. The TIFs are my "developed" files, so if I overdo the CS4 editing I can revert to the developed file at a later point. Again, storage is cheap. The PSD is my masterfile. The JPEG is for webalbums. The NEFs might never be used again, but rather safe than sorry. Oh, and I catalogue using Adobe Bridge.

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