Mack Camera and Lens Warranties

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Re: Mack Camera and Lens Warranties

I have had good experience with Mack.

I bought a G6 used and transferred one and a half remainng years of a Mack warranty. After a couple of months use the camera died, it just went dark in the view finder and the LCD and wouldn't focus. It would power up but that's about all. Sent it to Mack and they fixed it up like new at no charge except shipping. It took about six weeks because they had to get parts twice, but in the end it worked like new.

Mack warranties are reasonably priced and their work is reliable. They just are in the business of fast turnaround repairs. For that you need to go to Canon Factory Service. If you are a working pro and really need your gear to make your living, the cost of the top grade of CPS should be considered a normal business expense.

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