Care to give your workflow in DPP?

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Canon DPP RAW workflow


This is a bit off-the-topic but might help you anyway. Below is the link to the video of a class on DPP held by a Canon instructor (the class was entilted "Canon DPP RAW workflow"; I've learned many tricks from this video). The instructor advocates the use of DPP for all "adjustments", letting Photoshop only for the "creative work" (if any).

Hint: the instructor says that the picture style "neutral" is intended for those willing to use DPP only for the RAW conversion and doing the rest in Photoshop.

Some people prefer to do everything in Photoshop, starting by the RAW conversion. This applies to most of those who do elaborated adjustments e.g. blending layers. The guy of the link below uses layer masks even for noise reduction (scroll down to "post processing" and check "Introduction to Adobe Photoshop" and other topics).

At the end it depends a bit on what you do, in a wider sense. The Canon instructor was talking to people who want to get their pictures ready for delivery at highest quality in the shortest time. For the Juzaphoto guy, camera files are raw materials of a longer process (he does not see the time behind the computer as "wasted time").

One last bit: an effective workflow starts with dumping files to the computer (involves defining a folder structure and naming convention), then quickly inspecting and sorting them (involves merciless delecting most files and sorting the remaining ones in 3 classes: "quick adjustments", "heavy adjustments - priority pictures" and "heavy adjustments - nice-to-have pictures"). Loose systematic in these steps costs a lot of time afterwards.

Regards, Anonimo

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