Pick A Limited [Pentaxian Poll]

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Pick A Limited [Pentaxian Poll]

(This is a poll for any/all Pentax users - please place your response in your subject line.)

In an alternate universe, you can own only ONE Pentax Limited lens. In this universe you CANNOT sell this Limited lens, and all Limited lens' cost the exact same price. For this poll you should disregard the other focal lengths you may have covered by zooms, other primes, manual focus glass, or a different system. To participate in this poll, you DO NOT have to own the lens you 'vote' for - you DO NOT have to own any Limiteds in fact. * prime lenses made by Pentax ARE NOT Limited lenses. Place one of the following choices in your SUBJECT HEADER:

DA15, DA21, FA31, DA35, DA40, FA43, DA70, FA77

Please place additional comments/reasonsing/discussion within the body of your message.

Votes will be counted in 10 days from this posting - additional threads will be opened for voting if this thread exceeds 150 posts.


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