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Re: B !!!

Chas wrote:

Hi Jorge-

Plan B worked! I changed both the name of the file and the reference inside the file, saved, reopened CS3 and the preset showed up in DeNoise3. I suppose I should do the same to the rest of the files? Thanks to you and whoever helped you in this detective work!... chas

PS- As an experiment, I renamed the file back to the original but kept the internal change as you suggested. The preset still appeared in the plugin, with the label "Canon30D... etc"... c
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Excelent! Thank you. Now we know that the problem is within the file naming and description.
To avoid this we will rename all presets to help.

Final users, once they have the preset in their computers then can go ahed and rename them for personal sorting.

I really appreciate your help and effort.

You can go ahead and rename the rest of the files or just wait for tonight when we will have the new files uploaded into atncentral.

Thank you!

Topaz Group


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