Need to replace 6 y.o. 20D What should I go for?

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Re: Need to replace 6 y.o. 20D What should I go for?

Saabster wrote:

I've had some issues with exposures in Program Mode, Manual, AV and TV being way way off... As in almost pure white or pure black.

Also the shutter has been getting harder and harder to trigger. Sometimes it takes 3 or 4 pushes before it takes the shot. However if I use a remote release it takes it on the 1st shot.

Plus a few other niggling issues like Err99s, focus is off.

oh oh ..

time to lift up the hotshoe and drive a new camera underneath it ..

40D used goes for around 750 .. 30D used around 450 .. there's very little price delta that a 40D will drop further on .. or of course, if you want new .. I'd wait for the announcements ..

depends on i guess your urgency to a) get another camera .. and b) if the 60D does turn out to be the mecca body of the decade .. to upgrade to the latest and greatest..

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