good camera for hiking and mountain climbing

Started Jul 28, 2009 | Discussions thread
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drawbacks to whom?

a5519 wrote:

LX3 would be a very good camera for mountains but it has 2 huge drawbacks: 1) has no EVF 2) has a lens cap.
A similar problem with e-p1.

In the mountains in bright sun, and in particular in winter, lcd is simply a mirror to see own nose. Lens cap requires additional activity to make camera ready and it can be easily lost and will be lost.

Maybe you need new glasses if all you can see is your eyes in the LCD. People use cameras with an OVF all the time. You can attach the lens capt to the camera in some way such as a string, etc. Not an issue. Neither is your first complaint.

LX3 sounds like an ideal camera for the OP. Your complaints are very minor. There is not perfect camera!

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