clientele of rumoured a850?

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Re: clientele of rumoured a850?

Well, I for one think you are wrong on just about every portion of your post and have listed the reasons below each point.

manfred_f wrote:

I do not want to offend anyone, but I can't see the clientele of the rumoured a850. Why would anyone choose the a850 over a camera like the Nikon d300s or the a900.

Why would I choose the a850 over the d300? Really? Probably because I have no desire to switch systems or go to a dual system when I already have one built with lenses and accessories.

For me the clientele for the a850 would have been the average (high) amateur. In my opinion a high amateur or a semi-professional would rather choose the a900 (5fps).

As a working pro myself I'd say that while 5fps may matter to some, it doesn't matter in the least to me. I can't say that I have EVER put my equipment above 3fps for any professional purpose. I've chased my dog around the dog park at 5fps on occassion, but have no reason to require it in a new body. In fact, I'd prefer 3fps if it knocks even $10 off the price.

So I would like to compare the a850 against the Nikon d300s, as I expect a similar price point.

Nikon D300s advantages:
+ class leading AF-system with a lot of off centred AF points (cross sensors)
+ 7fps
+ built in flash
+ live view
+ virtual horizon (I would personally like this feature in a future alpha :-))

+ dual slot storage media with options to manage how the camera records data to them
(+ hd video -> as I don't think that this is necessary in a dslr)

Again, in order to pursue these 'advantages', some being real and some being imagined for me personally, I would have to switch systems. That my friend would be an even larger disadvantage.

Sony alpha 850:
+ FF 24MP

But does a amateur photographer need 24MP of image data, as a 12MP image is far enough to make decent enlargements up to 17”x22”.

An amateur? Perhaps not. But as a pro, yes, I'd like the added resolution.

But please convince me, as I love my lenses. I would like to love the a850 or whatever comes after that, but I can't see the point right now.

To each their own, but I find this post somewhat ignorant and certainly overreaching. I certainly think you've mislabeled the audience of this camera as all amateurs.

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