Relax!!! A850 isn't only new Sony DSLR this year

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Relax!!! A850 isn't only new Sony DSLR this year

I posted in one of the threads, that I was in a large camera shop recently and there was a very knowledgeble Sony rep there. He helped me a lot with my decision to purchase the 70-400mm lens, since he had one on hand and let me shoot with it on my A900 and A700.

I asked him directly about all of the rumors of A700 replacement. He informed me that Sony was going to release 3 new bodies before the end of the year. He said there were going to be TWO (2) cameras that replaced the A700, a FF and a APS 1.5 magnifier. HE also said that there was going to be one around the A900 and be FF.

He also said that I shouldn't be surprised if one of the FF would be under $1000

He did express several times that they would be all released this year.

When I returned home and went to my local camera store to buy the 70-400mm, I told one of the store managers who assited me (he is also a Sony shooter) about the conversation that I had and showed him the card of the Sony rep, and he said that he also had heard about a $1000 FF this year, and he believed it to be true.

Now to be quite honest, I don't care if they come out with a new camera this year or next. The cameras that they currently make and that I currently own will handle whatever type of image that I want to create. As a matter of fact, the cameras are better then me as a photographer. I have not had one client tell me they wished I had a better camera.

But I will be patient and not waste emotion speculating or making a buying decision until I see ALL 3 new models. And then if I need one of them I will buy it.

But the reality is, Which new camera is going to make you that much more of a better photographer? What magic pill do they need to install in the next cameras, that YOU REALLY NEED to be a Better photographer. We spend a lot of time talking about the tool, instead of just mastering the craft.

I think it's really funny about the High ISO performance of the A900. I never compare it to Nikon or Canon, I compare it to film. I it is better then the equiv. Film ISO that are currently available. It's better at 1600 then any ISO 1600 film. And I have NEVER had a client NOT buy a photo because of the grain, digital or film. They had enough sense to know it they just liked the image or not. Owning a A900 is like having a portable Medium format camera. There is not 35mm camera or film combo that can compare. A great mentor of mine told me once, "If anyone talks about the grain in your image, You don't have a Captivating Image". The image should me able to create emotion, not techical jargon.

Then I also realized that in the 3 short years that Sony has been selling DSLR's they have the 7th best camera according to DXO ratings. A700 is 19th best , ahead of the Canon 1D Mark2, Sony actually has 4 of the top 30 cameras. I would say that is pretty good. I have owned the best that Canon and Olympus claim to have and I will tell you they are great, but I am really impressed with Sony. No ones perfect, but I am glad I switched.

So I don't know why there is so much Sony bashing. So much despair over the NOT YET released or even priced A850 or whatever else is next. And I don't know what else we need in cameras to make us that much better as photo gurus. But Sony has great gear at great price points. And they release them fast enough that in a few months people are going to speculating about the next great thing.

BTW, I an not trying to convince anyone that what the Sony rep said is true or have NO care if you believe what I wrote or not. But I believed the guy and I am not going to stress over the A850. It looks great to me with the little infor we have. But I will just wait to see what else they release before I make a decision.

1Co 13:13 But now we still have faith, hope, love, these three; and the greatest of these is LOVE!!!

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