Sigma 150/2,8: how is your AF ? (large files)

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Sigma 150/2,8: how is your AF ? (large files)

See this thread

where SamjNC asked about the general performance of the sigma 150. I replied to him based on my experience that AF in continuous mode was bad.

Holems, Andrzejmakal and Porto replied that AFC whas quite good with their now I'm not sure if I have a lemon.

I currently have the Nikon 16-85VR, 50/1.8, 50-200, 70-200Vr (bought it yesterday) and sigma 70/2,8macro,

I fing all Nikon lenses to perform extremely well in AFC and the 70/2,8 macro to be ok but not great. The Sigma 150/2,8 is not working well in AFC. Oh sure, I could show you dozens of shots where the focus is spot on but the problem is that I often get results like this one:

The af just has a lag sometimes where it does not seem to sense the movement and then has to catch up. It's not easy to tell what percentage is a miss but I have a lot (and a lot of good ones too). It's just not reliable.

Here is another one:

When AF is ok:

So how is your copy behaving ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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