GRD lens evolution

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Re: GRD lens evolution

A 28mm f1.0 is possible - on any camera - BUT (and thats a big but) - the camera would look nothing like the GRD3 that you see - the body may possibly be the same size but with a lens the size of an SLR prime - i may not be an optical engineer - but i am just about 100% sure that the camera would have to look radically different - and it would also be expensive - so many poor compromises would take place as well - it would be slow to auto focus - large heavy glass equals larger motors as well - they could maybe speed things up a bit and bring costs down a bit with plastic elements as opposed to glass - but i for one would not like that

I work in the motion picture business - in the camera department - we often have the best lenses money can buy - these suckers are often quite large - and heavy - and often really fast - i have used a few f1.0 lenses - but they are all 50mm - the fastest lens around 28mm ive ever seen is f1.3 - and its bigger then a fist

I'm pretty excited for this new camera - the usability has been proven long ago with the original GRD - this new lens is quite fast - lets just hope that everything on the inside helps the camera with speed, responsiveness, dynamic range, and that the images that come out the back end are no worse then the older models (obviously we would love them to be at least 2x better)

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