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Re: RED, or washed out RED.

I'm no MF expert, but I agree with a lot of what you say. I thought the same things about the mount as I have a ton of glass I'd like to put to use.

The one thing I see differently is how the market uses the gear - that can't be dictated. So regardless of the heritage of a system, people will use it for their own reasons.

Look at the rise of the SUV as passenger vehicle in North America... despite a rising trend in gas prices, over the corresponding time SUV sales went up, until the last spike. When I was a kid the SUV was a man's toy; dirty, simple, and ugly. Women didn't like them, drive them, or want to be seen in them (I'm generalizing, yes!). Fast forward, and they are bling'ed out leather trimmed.

I see the same biases in the dSLR / Video camera markets; driving the manufacturers perhaps to uncertain territory. They keep adding functions to dSLR's kinda like the Homer Simpson - mobile (if you saw that episode - the car ended up as a hodge-podge of parts, like a platypus).

In the end the product does nothing well, and everything poorly. That's my last stand position against putting video in a dSLR, most of the rest of the arguments were actually put to rest with the K7.

Going the other way, with ultimate stills quality, I see the same thing... like the title of your post, perhaps is washing out the value - watering it down.

I guess I see dSLR's like SUV's today; trying to do too much and making compromises. MF backs don't have to worry about movie mode, or kid-playing-soccer mode, or any of that; they a single-purpose machine that should do one thing really well. But because RED is starting out with such a giant sensor, it seems like less of a leap; like a crossover if you will - into MF territory. They don't have to stretch very far to pluck out that single still frame, or capture one still image.

Personally I'd like to see Pentax release the 645D at a super low price point just to kick everyone else into action. I couldn't afford a $50k system like RED or 'real MF', but a $5k body and a $2k lens... that I could justify. A guy can dream, right?

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