New Sigma DP1, crossing fingers didn't help...

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Re: Battery heating causes red horizontal lines

captcha wrote:

After some testing, it looks like the battery heat causes those red horizontal lines to appear on the LCD screen as well as the saved image (whether raw or jpg).

I took a shot at the start of this experiment, and left the camera on.

I took a few shots every 15-20 mins; the lines appeared uncannily precisely an hour after the first test shot.
The battery level indicator still showed full charge, 50 test shots were taken.

I had bought a spare sigma battery from Amazon (I had read here about the abysmal battery life here).

I swapped the heated battery with the spare/cool one and the lines disappeared completely.

First test shot:

Last test shot with hot battery:

Test shot with spare battery, switched within a minute:

I don't think my problem is with related to the SD card though the card is a bit slow.

It's something to do with the battery causing the sensor to act up or affecting the image save operation.

The other peculiar and reasonably serious issue is the shutter and aperture values were also not updating on the LCD display, they seemed stuck to a particular display value whatever the exposure. When the picture was shot, however, the exposure settings were different from the LCD display and correct for that scene.

In my case, the shutter value was suck at 1/30s and aperture at F4 (most likely the last correct values), and only after shutting power off and restarting did the correct settings start to show on the lcd.

Lastly, the lcd/display acts up at times while trying to gain auto focus, with red/white/black lines appearing on the display as they would if you lost a TV signal in the olden times.

I will try and get in touch with Sigma India, while they don't sell the DP1 here, hopefully they can look into this matter. Else, I'll have to ship it back to the States, unless a firmware update can resolve this.

The other solution is to make sure that a cool and spare battery is always at hand.
I do like the images and software, though it's write speeds are very very slow.

The images have a slight magenta cast in the highlights and a green tinge in the shadows.
Hopefully, the battery spring holds on for some years, it looks very flimsy.

I've waited more than 3 months for the camera and these problems seem like issues that can be resolved with minor changes to the camera.

I never had any issue with my DP1 or DP2. Ok, the latter one froze a few times before firmware upgrade, but this is history. Looking at your samples, were they really taken with a foveon sensor. No offense intended, but they look horrible, are these jpegs, and what camera setting did you use. The first one is unsharp, overexposed, washed out colors, the second one not any better. I wouldn't know how to take such pics with my DPs.

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