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Re: Not so clueless thread

Ok, one reply...

And you picked the one point where I made my position clear towards your tone in your OP?

If you are really interested in the subject (hybrids), then I'd expect you to actually engage in a discussion about hybrids.

I was not calm or, better, not formal. But thinking that was a personal attack is a bit excessive.

I didn't say it was a personal attack. It wasn't, as you did not attack anyone personally. That does not mean that I appreciate that type of alarmist, attention-grabbing style.

Sometimes it happens to be provocative, but people attributed to me something I didn't do. I got "clueless", "shut up" and such. Why?

You really don't know?

You started a thread in a style like from the yellow press, all loud and aggressive and against video in SLRs, but yet freely admitted that you had no idea about video.

Do you really think I claim to have video removed???

Actually, I think few people hare realise what you really want because you prefer do defend yourself (like now) instead of engaging into a technical discussion.

With all my sympathy for Joe and the others doing something with video capabilities and saving money by using a dslr, I see video as a totally different task from photography. They are different media full stop.

They are both captured through a lens on a sensor and stored on flash memory. It is logical that they share things.

Do you know why the human race conquered this planet so firmly that we can destroy it? Because we are universalists. We cannot swim better than the best other being, jump further or run faster. We cannot dig holes with our hands like moles, cannot eat raw meat like lions, or climb trees like monkeys. But we do all this reasonably well (and we have opposable thumbs). We are a bunch of compromises thrown together by evolution. Sometimes two halves make more than one. SLRs with video are an extension of SLRs. The only drawback to the still performance currently is cost and development cost.

That said, I will accept any progress, cause we are going toward devices doing a lot of different things. Phones that compute, get photos and video, play music, connect to the internet... And they work as a phone too!

But wish that time will prove that video is really not taking anything away from the pure photographic nature of dslrs.

How can you accept "any" progress but at the same time hope that the "purity" will not be affected?

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