Canon Brochure Info on New 60D?

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Re: Sure can do it.

Yes. Make it 2 stops for shorter fl. People using primes will get enough benefit from it and it will not jeopardize the sale of 4 stop IS lenses. I will upgrade my 50D if it gets that.

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oLed displays - nice to see this technology really starting to come in full force. I don't know how mature it is, but it needs to start off somewhere.

So anyone have any guesses as to what this "pleasantly surprising" feature is?

I whish it's In-Body IS.
That would make me smile for sure.

And it's coherent with what I think... and wrote here

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I don't think Canon would want to give up the extra revenue they get from IS lenses.

their current IS lenses would still show a better improvement in stablization via the lens, but open up more oppurtunity for the ones that want to IS primes that are probably out of the development cycle for IS enablement .. so it's a win win.

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