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jatt wrote:

Hey all,

These are the 3 basic processors for big 3 companies. Which one out of all is the best? It doesn't make any difference into my purchases, this is just a general question. Canon puts their Digic into their movie cameras and P&S cameras. It maintains very good sharpness (450D) even in beginning level cameras IMO. What do u think?

Digic is the name of an actual processor chip. So it made perfect sense for Canon to name each iteration of their chip, like Intel & AMD does for computer processors. A camera advertised with having a Digic III, would essentially have the same processor as any other camera with Digic III. The may have been programmed differently, but it's the same chip nonetheless.

Constrast that with Nikon's so-called "EXPEED" technology. It's entirely a marketing invention. EXPEED on one Nikon body may not necessarily be the same EXPEED on another body --- they could easily be using different chips. Whereas Canon's nomenclature for Digic processors is entirely justified, Nikon's EXPEED is a totally bogus marketing gimmick. Most of the other companies with their mumbo jumbo marketing names follow the same path as Nikon.

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