Panasonic, all I want on the FZ29 is . . .

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Re: Panasonic, all I want on the FZ29 is . . .

Wow! As to the new FZ35/38

1. Yes! We got to keep the Leica system

2. NO** Bigger; cleaner sensor. I would even be happy with less telephoto, in order to keep size down.

3. NO* How about we keep the fold-in, retractable and combination lens AND allow us to turn it for focal length? No battery power required (Unless for folding).

4. Yes! Good sound. Stereo mics; Dolby.

5. Yes! Image quality adjustments for video.

6. ???? Lower price. Starts the same. Perhaps it will go lower.

7. ???? Enough supply.

8. SAME - Kit options for conversion lenses.

9. NO** Two batteries. The battery system is excellent. Why not include an extra battery? It's not like buyers won't add up the cost of a competitors EXTRA battery.

10. NO** How about hand-clap (like two) shutter actuation options? It's hands free, no shake pictures; inexpensively!

11. ???? Why can't the "review" function just work the same, as "playback"?

12. Yes! A video button; but it's not that big a deal.

Hey, I got 4 of them! Yet, I think it's an over-site; to not make it with with a lower noise sensor. Adding 12MPx at the same size, as they did, might get them a bad rep. I would NOT have to compete at ISO 1600 but it does at ISO 800 IMHO. Therefore, a sensor size just a LITTLE bit bigger would allow almost as much telephoto AND cleaner.

Guess what? The "old" FZ50 platform would do that nicely. If they want to refresh something, it should first be the FZ50. The like-kind refresh of the mythical "FZ60" would be the leader of the pack.

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