Canon Brochure Info on New 60D?

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Canon Brochure Info on New 60D?

Here are some of the specs: as posted at

  • sensor seems to be a tweaked version of the current 15MP sensor (better

DR, better high ISO IQ, eliminated pattern banding at high ISO)

  • 98%-coverage, 0.96x magnification VF

  • 3″, 1150K-pixel, active-matrix, organic LED display (25% higher-res than

current 960K screens)

  • 19-pt., all-cross type area AF ellipse (basically, the current 1-series AF

point layout w/o the 26-pt. assist AF pts.; the new 1-series apparently will
have an all-new 45-pt., all-cross type AF module; what limits Canon from
drastically reworking the AF-point layout is the fact that all the currrent
Speedlights have AF-assist beam patterns that are designed only for 7, 9 &
45-pt. AF layouts–they just can’t make a new area AF design or add more AF
pts. that easily because of that).

  • 1080p@30fps full HD video with full manual controls and contrast-

detect AF, stereo audio inputs

  • 7.4FPS@14-bit mode (CIPA-standard testing method)

  • new DiGIC V is more than 2x faster than current DiGICIV, enables

onboard processing of all those DPP functions still not done in-camera
with the current cams (i.e., lateral CA correction, geometric
distortion correction, better highlight & shadow detail extraction,
plus new “Diffraction Elimination” function: pixel-level contrast
enhancement and sharpening to counteract aperture-related diffraction

  • AE microadjustment; + - 3 EV range with 1/6EV steps; separate saved

corrections for Evaluative, CWA, Partial and Spot metering

  • new higher capacity, slightly higher-voltage (to drive the faster

mechanicals & electrical readouts for the higher framerate), chipped
Li-Polymer battery (LP-E7), with new, magnesium-alloy framed BG-E7
battery grip with AF-ON and mini-joystick selector buttons duplicated

  • lastly, an all-new, pleasantly surprising “feature” that would bring

a smile to all the Canon loyalists (just watch for it)

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