T1i that bad??

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Re: went from 40D to T1i

I had a 40D, which I sold, to buy the T1i. I love several things about the T1i over the 40D, but the 40D is also a very good camera.

1. The T1i has lower noise than the 40D did. I can take 1600 pics without hardly a second thought. The 40D has more noise at 1600 than the T1i.

2. Video. This is the reason I got the T1i, for video, at least until the 60D comes out.

3. I really dont like the T1i's ergonomics. The grip is all wrong and my hand gets very tired shooting with this camera. The 40D is much more comfortable to hold and use over extended periods of time. It's not just the pinky finger thing, but the entire size of the grip is too small, making me use more finger strength to keep a hold of the camera.
4. The T1i doesn't have the controls the 40D has. I miss that.

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