MB-D10 Wont work with rechargeable batteries

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Re: MB-D10 Wont work with rechargeable batteries

Rechargable batteries' quality varies a lot. Which rechargable batteries did you use?

FYI, I used 2700mah MAHA PowerRex NIMH and also the Sanyang ones with no issue.


skutters wrote:

Hi, I put up a post the other day about how my MB-D10 had a odd battery problem the fact that it would work with normal AA's but not with the Rechargeable Batteries i had. So thinking it is a battery problem i have been out and bought a new charger and 8 2700mah batteries.

The MB-D10 will still not work with the Rechargeable Batteries, so now i have the dillema of what is at fault the MB-D10 or the Camera. As i stated in my first post the only thing i can see that is happening is when i insert the tray into the holder with the normal AA's the Green Light flashes on the camera, with the Rechargeables it does'nt, as though the camera is not reading the Pack.

As i dont know anyone with a MB-D10 to try i am not sure what to do other than send it back to the shop.

Any Idea's Regards Kev.

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