the *no video* campaign

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the *no video* campaign

Have you ever seen anything uglier?
Perhaps this setup is going to cost more than a good dedicated video-camera...


Dear Pentax (and Oly, and Nikon, and Canon, and...),

some among us are just photographers. And if I want to make an amateur(ish) video, I'm going to use... a phone, or my Fuji F31.

And if I happen to be asked for a pro-video, if I could ever be able to, I would buy (rent?) a video-camera.

Should I go on getting still photographs with a sensor "do video too but suffer from compromises" and a camera incorporating, perhaps, a refrigerator? May I put a beer can in it too, just in case?

Look! A D300*s*!!! Who said we need those toys?

Will you please market stripped down cameras, that can only take photographs, with a sensor dedicated to the task?
Many thanks...

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