How many would purchase a *superstar* Limited zoom lens

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Lance B
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How many would purchase a *superstar* Limited zoom lens

I was wondering if there would be anyone interested in a stellar superstar Limited zoom in the 16mm-60mm f4 or f2.8 zoom range.

My thoughts on this lens would be that it was superior in all departments and could be truly thought of as the best of the lens maker's craft. A truly "Limited" lens if you like and one that could be held up as the pinnacle of lenses in this range.

Richard Day and myself have been thinking of such a lens and wonder how many would actually buy such a beast.

My request would be for:
1) Exemplary IQ as we would expect from such a high priced lens.
2) Made mainly of metal and be lovely to manual focus, like all Limiteds

3) Have a reasonably long focus throw for critical MF ability and very accurate AF, may be a tad slower to AF than the new short throw AF lenses, but I think we could live with that for such a lens.

4) A 16-60 zoom range as I think that to go wider would possibly impose too much of a compromise on IQ and size and weight as would it be to go longer. Having said that, the DA17-70 would only require an extra 1mm at the wide end for not too much penalty in the size and it could possibly be a 16-70 f4, but in Limited guise.

5) In order to have it reasonable in size and wight it may need to be an f4 but it would have to be as good wide open at f4 as it is at f5.6 or f8, but that the IQ as good as any zoom made. If it were f2.8, I do believe that it would be way too big and heavy especially if it were made of metal in the Limited guise. Maybe an f3.2?

A lens of this class may need to be hand made and we would have to pay for this priviledge. Having covered all bases for design above (hopefully), the last consideration would be cost. A lens of the class that I am hoping to achieve will cost big bucks and I would be prepared to pay up to US$2,500 to US$3,000 for such a lens. If the above requirements were met, how many other's would be prepared to fork out that kind of money for such a lens?

I hope I haven't missed any aspects and I hope we can all come to a consensus.

I guess the only caveat to all this is the long term future of APS C.
Lance B

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