Topaz Plug-ins Preset Sharing.

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Topaz Plug-ins Preset Sharing.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Atncentral ( ) in collaboration with the Topaz Software Flickr group ( ) have the pleasure to announce that the Topaz preset page is up and running with the latest Topaz technology.

Now, you can retrieve the presets via the plug-in itself. There are some presets already there and I hope that with your help and submissions we can create a state of the art library so everybody can benefit from it.

To retrieve a preset, open your internet browser and go to

Then just open your favorite Topaz plug-in, click on the “preset” button (located at the lower left corner) and click on “Import from Internet” a new windows will open where you should copy the internet link you see in the page. That’s it, the preset will be saved to your computer.

Now, to submit your preset, please create a image showing before and after. Write a brief description of what the preset can achieve and indicate which Plug-in (Adjust, Simplify, Denoise3, Clean, DeJPG, etc) is for. Send all this information to this address:
When you create a preset, they are located as follow:

Windows (32 bit)
c:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz Adjust 3\Presets
c:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz Denoise 3\Presets
c:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz Simplify 2\Presets
c:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz Clean 2\Presets
c:\Program Files\Topaz Labs\Topaz DJpeg 3\Presets

Windows (64 bits)
c:\Program Files (x86)\Topaz Labs\Topaz Adjust 3\Presets
c:\Program Files (x86)\Topaz Labs\Topaz Denoise 3\Presets
c:\Program Files (x86)\Topaz Labs\Topaz Simplify 2\Presets
c:\Program Files (x86)\Topaz Labs\Topaz Clean 2\Presets
c:\Program Files (x86)\Topaz Labs\Topaz DJpeg 3\Presets

c:\Library\Aplication Support\Topaz Labs\Adjust 3\Presets
c:\Library\Aplication Support\Topaz Labs\Deniose 3\Presets
c:\Library\Aplication Support\Topaz Labs\Simplify 2\Presets
c:\Library\Aplication Support\Topaz Labs\Clean2\Presets
c:\Library\Aplication Support\Topaz Labs\DJpeg 3\Presets

So let’s start working on this library!

I will soon be submitting some presets for DeNoise (some canon cameras) and DeJpg,

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