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Well, yeah...i take your point..and to a point you are correct, but i'm not incorrect either. There could still be dust on the mirror before you start with a wet clean OR while doing the sensor clean dust falls on the mirror...and then we're back to square one. We can talk all day long about hypotheticals, but realistically a blower is most cases will suffice...particularly if combined with a vacuum.

To take it to the extreme you could argue that while doing a wet clean an abrasive particle could fall onto the swab which is then wiped on the sensor and causes a scratch. Possible...yes. Likely No. You could also argue that too much liquid is used which causes damage..etc.

At the end of the day, both methods are fine, A wet clean will be better, i just think it's not necessary all the time.

I've been shooting with my d80 for 2 years and had to use the blower once on the sensor to remove a build up of dust (didn't notice it until i did some sky shots). So my sensor is still a virgin

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Cookster670 wrote:

As for the argument about blowing dust around. So what ? Dust is everywhere, as long as you get it off the sensor that's the important thing. You may or may not blow dust out of the body with a blower. But I guarantee you a wet clean is not going to get dust out of the body either. We're talking about a sensor clean not a complete removal of dust from the camera body right ?

That's really not a sound argument if you stop and think that the idea is to subtract dust, not just move it around. For instance, if you get the dust off the sensor, and it goes to the mirror, you may be happy... until the mirror slaps and the dust goes flying right back to the sensor. As unnerving as touching the sensor's filter with a wet swab may be, we can see that we are taking the dust out of the camera so that at least that dust never finds its way back onto the sensor.

I know others have suggested blowing angles and ways to hold the camera upside down so that the dust blows out, but in my experience, that works some of the time, and other times it doesn't. In fact, it may blow dust that was already elsewhere in the camera onto the sensor, or move it onto the mirror assembly so that when it slaps... oh, yeah, we've been over that one already. Finally, blowing never works for dust that is stuck to the sensor.

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