Should I switch to Mac because of my Photography?

Started Jul 7, 2009 | Discussions thread
Robert Bedwell Senior Member • Posts: 1,304
Re: Should I switch to Mac because of my Photography?

I recently switched from PC to MAC after 20+ years of using PC's.

I purchased a MacPro and an MPB. Should have done it years ago. However if I had the responsibility and the needs of a separate IT department I wouldn't consider using my hobby to dictate and impact the needs of my business. I use Lightroom and PS4 on my Mac and I think once you learn the differences the Mac is more productive. I can do things quicker on the MAC than I did on a PC; dragging and dropping functions better than what I was accustomed to and managing files is quicker as well. My 8 Core MacPro has 8gb RAM and it has never burped once even while working on multiple files. I think it is a more stable environment.

I guess everyone's views/needs are different. However if I were in your shoes I would use a MAC for my photography and a PC for business.

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