Six Pentax K-7, all failed :(

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Six Pentax K-7, all failed :(

Hi Pentaxians,

i don´t know what to do anymore - here´s the story:

I´m a Canon 5D Mk2 owner, but I missed my old K10D ever since I sold it...

When Pentax announced the K-7, I instantly knew, I would return to Pentax - for a small, fine, charismatic streetcamera beside my Canon.

I preorderd and was willing to be an early adopter for the first time - as my argumentatuion was: if they mess up their first batch, they would suffer in the forums - so they´ll take extra care.

I now had SIX Pentax K-7, all new and boxed, from 3 different retailers.

I don´t do Testshots, charts or whatever. I take my DSLRs everywhere, taking pictures to see if it´s fine.

All failed.

1. Movie-Mode: Stuckpixels in the middle , red line on the left side - exchange.

2. Movie Mode fine, green, 500px wide green stripe on the left hand side of most photos - sensor defect - exchange

3. Changed Onlinestore, this K-7 had big dust behind the rear LCD moving around...didn´t even turn it on - exchange

4. Figuered I´ll go to a local store now - strong frontfocus beyong AF correction, red line in all Movies/Liveview from 1st sec. - exchange

5. some stuckpixel in movies - who cares anymore - rest fine, but wait: 2 black spots on all pictures, no dust, no matter what lens, not mapable - service said might be dirt between AA filterglas and sensor - exchange

6. The best...some stuckpixel and a faint line in movies - who cares anymore - and the green spider line syndrom: green line in the middle, if K-7 gets hotter than 36°C - i didn´t care either, the pics looked good, focus right on

Yesterday I swiched on Automatic Level Correction for the first time with this body and:

Voilá, now all my pics are tilted to the right. The Automatic Level Correction tilts all Images by 0.5-1.0° to the the sea horizont

Noticed earlyer, that the level indicator of this one seemed not as leveled as the 5 others...always wanted me to shift the camera a little more than what felt right - obviously needs an adjustment.

Called the Pentax Service - they told me to exchange again if possible, because they have a repairtime of 3-4 weeks now and are just getting to know the k-7, so no info how difficult the adjustment of the levelmeter will be...

I don´t want to exchange anymore - I really tried to get a good one - what shall I do now?

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