I'm rather confused about Pentax

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I'm rather confused about Pentax


I was reading an italian photo forum, and following a thread (not about pentax but it was about a olympus user buying a nikon D60 just to try) one of the forum pro user (he's really a pro, and quite an expert guy) was explaining he tries to suggest the best camera for every user, no matter if olympus, canon or nikon. Then he said he never recommended pentax.

I was curious about that statement and so I asked why olympus and not pentax? Then he answered he likes pentax, he still uses an ME and several lenses but with digital pentax doesn't really offer nothing better than the others. He meant pentax has good performances like canon or nikon, but at more or less the same price; then considering that pentax is only an APS system he sees it like a sort of dead end.

In brief you buy into a system with same performances and same prices, but you won't have any chances (probably) to switch to full frame, which will be dominant soon or later. So, in the end, better choosing canon or nikon (or olympus, but why olympus? Doesn't it have the same limit regarding full frame?)

Anyway, that was his opinion, and considering i've just sold a D200 and bought a pentax, that post made me think a bit...

I know I can take good pictures the same, but what's pentax future? Is he right?

Or just another nikonist opinion?

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