K-7 firmware bug that affects leftmost AF point?

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Re: K-7 firmware bug that affects leftmost AF point?

Pete Fang wrote:

I just read from a Japanese forum that some K-7 users in Japan found an issue with the leftmost (non-cross type) AF point under certain conditions. It goes like this:

  • Turn on automatic level correction

  • Use a shutter speed faster than 1/180s

  • Some say high ISO

What is the automatic level correction, i check in the book i find noting ...

I just tested with level correction at 1/250s and ISO400. Indeed when using the leftmost AF point the K-7 will just hunt and will not lock focus at all. Switching to rightmost AF point, no problem. Turn off level correction and use leftmost AF point, no problem either.

You put in manual mode ? or ...

But i have some probleme with rightmost af et leftmost this weekend, maybe it is the same probleme.


Looks like a firmware bug to me but would appreciate it if other K-7 owners test it and see if you can reproduce this as well. I personally almost never use the leftnost or rightmost AF points so this does not bother me that much.


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