Busting the FF vs Crop DoF Bokeh Myth

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Re: Busting the FF vs Crop DoF Bokeh Myth

Kuivaamo wrote:

What, precisely, is the "myth" you're attempting to bust?

The "myth" is that the DoF is different between a full frame and crop sensor camera. I have clearly shown that there is no difference. Bokeh is exactly the same for each camera at the same distance with the same lens at the same aperture. Making the Field of View exactly the same for each camera will affect DoF and bokeh ... but that's not what I'm testing here. I'm simply testing DoF between two camera formats at the same distance and aperture.

Without knowing more, I can make one comment on your test. You can't resize images to different final output sizes and claim that DoF is the same (you have artificially made the same features the same size in your crop comparisons). After all, DoF calculations assume a constant print size and viewing distance.

Resizing an image doesn't change the depth-of-field. That's preposterous.

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