Anyone with experience in the 500d and Nikons cameras?

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Anyone with experience in the 500d and Nikons cameras?

I'm having a tough time choosing a cam to stick with. Without starting a 'thing' like I did on the Nikon forums, assuming I am completely new to DSLR cameras and that 75% of my picture taking will not be bee's on a flower or outdoor shots with high noon sun...they will be indoor shots. Museums, cloud cover outdoor shots, etc.

I purchased a d60 and don't like the results. Although I know much of it is due to my misuse, the more I read the more I realize it is not the camera for me. I either need a better camera or a better lens or probably both. I thought about getting the d5000, then upgrading to a better indoor lens...but heard about the sudden death syndrome of the d5000.

I also read on consumer reports that the d60 was pretty much toward the bottom of the list. Nikon had the worst repair rating.

That said, I was recently directed toward the t1i (500d) , had a moment to tinker with it and although I like the Nikon feel (felt less cheap) that camera had its moments.

So would it be safe to say that the Canon cameras are better indoors and that their iso ranges are more usable vs the Nikon that only seem to shine (better than Canon ) at lower iso ranges?

Again, I understand that I am DSLR ignorant, I don't want to start a thing.

I just want to upgrade to a camera that I can create much better than pns shots, where most of the shots are going to be indoor shots (bday parties, family picnics indoor and outdoor shots, indoor sporting events like basketball, hockey etc)

The intention of this post is in hopes that someone with a 500d will chime in, also hoping they have experience with a nikon camera too.
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