K200D, K20D, K-m and AF-540FGZ are discontinued

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Re: Why so concerned when your camera is discontinued?

newmikey wrote:

I have a K20D, it is for all intents and purposes, an awesome camera. Probably all that I need for some years to come. I see many people concerned when their camera is discontinued but I do not get the point. Does that suddenly make your camera less desirable?

Less desirable? Probably, to some anyway.

Less functional? Of course not.

Lots of people seem to treat cameras like fashion items these days and wouldn't be seen dead with last year's model. It's a far cry from not so long ago when it was seen as (fairly) normal to use a decades old Leica M3 or a Nikon F2 as an everyday camera, before rampant consumerism took over.

Loads of people still happily shooting away with [...] K100D's.

K100D? That's a bit too new for me, I have a *istDL

Serious note: I'm beginning to need IS these days and the DL is starting to feel a little big and heavy, so when finances permit I think I'll swap it for a K-m - whose price will of course be driven down dramatically as it becomes yet another discontinued "last year's model".

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