Some B&W photos from NW England (5 D40 shots)

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Some B&W photos from NW England (5 D40 shots)

These are a few of the photos I took near home in the NW of England this week.

I took all of them specifically with the intention of converting them to B& other words I was looking for things that would make an interesting B&W photo like strong textures, lines and shapes or strong contrast between light and shadow rather than just great light or colour.

All the shots were taken using a D40 and a Sigma 10-20 lens.

Photos #1 and #5 are long exposure photos of several minutes exposure time each - I stacked a 10 stop neutral density filter and a 6 stop one (to give 16 stops total) for these ones.

Ian (Photoblog)

1 - "Fiddlers Ferry Power Station"

This is a long exposure photo of a coal fired power station in Merseyside near Liverpool. I wanted to highlight the contrast between the rural environment and industry so I set up the tripod on the edge of a field of barley.

This is a 5 minute single exposure photo so you can see the wind movement in the barley and in the branches of the trees. It was also a stormy day and the fast moving rain clouds left streaks of light and shade across the sky

2 - "After the Storm"

This is a handheld photo that I took shortly after photo #1. I was taking shelter under a tree from a sudden rainstorm when the sun came back out and lit up the field of golden was a beautiful sight.

I added some grain to this shot - the D40 isn't really that noisy at iso 200!

3 - "Sand Fences"

Strong sunlight falls on the wooden sand erosion control fences in the dunes near Crosby beach.

There's more added grain in this one!

4 - "The Descent"

A photo from Liverpool city centre. Although I'm not very patient I waited by these stairs for a few minutes for somebody to walk into the correct spot in the frame.

5 - "The Albert Dock"

A photo of Liverpool's Albert Dock and the River Mersey

Another long exposure photo - this time it's a little over 2 minutes. Stacking nd filters in front of such an extreme wide angle lens produces a strong vignette. Although I don't object to it in this photo sometimes I'll stick to just using 1 of the filters and live with a shorter shutter time.

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