Just bought Oly ZD 12-60mm: should I sell 50/2?

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Re: Tim, you really are the exception

RoelHendrickx wrote:

I really think you expect too much in terms of AF.

It is not a sports lens, but more one for contemplative and well considered photography, and then it shines.

I do think I'm one of the exceptions. It's really unfortunate because that lense really shines at f/2.8 with respect to sharpness and reducing CA's. I just can't help myself when choosing between lenses - I never picked up the 50/2 because every other lense I owned focused (it seemed) at least twice as fast.

The problem lies in trying to use it outside of what it was designed for: macro. It wasn't designed as a portrait lense, it wasn't designed as a low-light focusing lense, and it wasn't designed to focus quickly. Using it within its realm is magnificent - but challenge it outside of where it's happy and you run into problems.

I really hope Olympus comes up with a prime or something around that focal length that focuses at least as fast as the 14-54mm does, which I don't think is asking very much considering what they've released recently (12-60mm, 14-35mm, etc.).

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