5DII returned and refunded - poor skin tone

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5DII returned and refunded - poor skin tone

Well, having tried most of the things advised and run out of options to get an acceptable base image from which to work (trying to get an acceptable Caucasian skin tone) - I finally took one posters advice when I was lucky enough to have someone offer to do a comparison with their 5DII.

Guess what, his was not good but I could have lived with it, but my 5DII body was suffering too much from the problem. The test was my 24-105 L kit lens on my body and then seconds later on his. From the many reports (do a web search) of poor Caucasian skin tone in natural light with the 5DII it therefore seemed that I had the same problem which many others have experienced.

I had thought all along (with my body’s LCD and all 3 of my monitors giving the same pale, waxy unhealthy skin pallor) that it was not a question of monitor calibration. As for doing a range of different subject settings and a range of custom in-camera settings – I did this and occasionally the 5DII gave a colour somewhat in the right direction, but it was nothing like the skin colour of the subject and too far away from an accurate representation to be an acceptable image from which to “process” the problem away.

So, finally, back it went. I was expecting hassle when I walked into the shop but I got a refund straight away. I had nearly mail ordered about £3,500 worth of Canon glass, plus flash, as well – from a separate supplier; that could also have been a close shave. All I have left is a grey card.

So, bye bye, and a big thank you to the majority of posters who replied with non-sarcastic and constructive information. Even if Canon only change the “Portrait” mode to be suitable for the billion of so Caucasians on the planet then I might be tempted to buy another (if I haven’t already bought an alternative) - because there is no doubt about it that in other respects this is an awesome camera and, in my experience, all the other teething troubles have been sorted.

I have not gone back and researched/copied links to all the many reports on this widespread defect, but here is a random sample (the last one sums up my opinion – if Caucasian people are to be included on your photographs then do not buy a 5DII ) :








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