Another “Which lenses should I take on my trip” question.

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Another “Which lenses should I take on my trip” question.

Hi all, I’m looking for advice on what gear to take on an upcoming 11 day trip to China. I will be visiting Shanghai, Suzhcu, Tai’an, Ji’nan and Beijing.

Obviously, I want to take as little gear as possible but I don’t want to miss any shots. I would rate my skill level as an intermediate amateur.
Here’s my gear (all Nikon) and what I’m taking and not taking.
Do you agree with my choices? Any suggestions are welcome?

Here’s what I’m planning on taking:

D300 – not as portable as the D40x but much more flexibility in picture taking.

18-200mm – great all purpose walk around lens that covers most focal lengths.

10-24mm – provides the ability to go wide.

70-300mm – provides the ability to go long.

Here’s what I’m NOT planning on taking:

D40x - more portable and takes excellent pictures but I think the D300 is the better choice.

35mm (yes, the new one) – small and light with great low light capabilities but I can’t take everything.

18-55mm and 55-200mm – covered by the 18-200mm and want to avoid lens changes.

SB-600– I think I can get by with on-camera fill flash and want to avoid carrying it.

Monopod / Tripod – too inconvenient to schlep around.

Circular polarizer filters – small but inconvenient in that they require me to remove the UV protector filter to put on the CP filter and vice versa.

Thanks in advance for your input……….Mel

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