Sony R1 - in the mountains, Allgäu

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Sony R1 - in the mountains, Allgäu

Hi STFers,

Here I am again with some pictures for you from the mountains (as we are in the middle of the hiking season :-)). Though I have to admit, that this trip is already 1 1/2 weeks old, but this time my time budget was a bit tight (in summer there are so many thing you can do) and I really couldn't prepare/upload etc. the pictures faster.

Where have I been? This time I was on a two day excursion into the Bavarian Alps, close to Oberstdorf (well know for ski jump contests in winter etc.) where we climbed up to the Rappenseehütte (hut) and from there climbe the mountain called Hohes Licht (2651m). I also had four other hikers with me (my wife, sister, brother in law and a friend) which made the whole trip really enjoyable. Only the weather was sub-optimal. Forecasts were not even bad, but reality teached us, that in this part of Allgäu they obviously have more rain than in other places (and the vegetation seems to reflect this too, as it was really lush). Trails were so muddy, we couldn't believe it (I had no tirp before with that much mud :-))) ... but nevertheless we could do all we have planned ... AND despite all the rainclouds,. we also had some marvelous moments. Especially the sunset ... it was breathtaking, with fantastic sunbeams, a little lake with great reflections and everything a landscape photographer could dream of :-). So, the R1 could again show its stengths.

Ok, enough talking, its time to go to the pictures. As always, I have again a big set of pictures over at Flickr ( 50 pics this time, with a big 360 degree panorama included!), so I really recommend all of you to go over there if you want to see more

But of course, I also have a little selection of the best shots here, and I would like to hear your comments/thoughts/questions/recommendations.

Rappensee reflections

Rappensee with white flowers

Sunbeams 2

Pastel sunset 2

Glowing sunset

Rappenseehütte 3

Colorful sunset

HDR - Stillachtal

HDR - Rappental

Porta Alpinae


HDR - Rappensee

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