SX10IS recommendation/questions?

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SX10IS recommendation/questions?

Hi all... first I'd like to say thanks for all the great information on this site, both in the forums and the reviews...

Next, my current camera situation; I have a Kodak Point-and-shoot type camera, the model is the EasyShare C330. It's a nice camera, but the camera chip (I think it's a CCD) is dying, I've got several stuck pixels, and a few hot ones too... So I'm looking to replace and upgrade at the same time. I don't think I'm ready for the whole DSLR thing (or the price, myriad of lenses, etc), but I don't want another cheap "pocket camera" either... so I think that my best shot is one of the DSLR-like Super-zoom cameras.

Second, my question. I've seen in several locations, that the camera I'm mostly considering (the Canon SX10IS) only "recommends" that Alkaline or NiMH rechargables. I have a few questions about the batteries.

My current situation (with the kodak) is that the old-style NiMH (not pre-charged) batteries are really bad... Probably because I didn't charge them just prior to using them, but I digress. Alkaline batteries are marginally better, but with the flash, it seems that I can only take like twenty or thirty photos with the flash before the camera starts complaining of a low battery. I can turn the camera off and let it "rest" and then extract ten or so more photos out of it a few times, but it seems that this camera just really chews up either of the AA batteries described. That combined with the mysterious loss of my battery charger has caused me to use disposable batteries... I don't mind, however, because the Energizer Lithium AA batteries have been a major boon; they certainly live up to their claim of "8X longer". The kodak camera, however, also supports the C3 Lithium battery, so I suppose Kodak has built in Lithium support...

Okay, I stated all of that to ask:
1. Are the newer cameras at better than older ones at managing battery life...

2. Do the Energizer Lithium AA batteries work in anything that supports AA batteries, or do I need to have a camera that recommends them?
3. Does anyone here have experience using Lithium AA batteries in the SX10IS?

About the size of the SX10IS, how log is it when it's turned off (lens retracted)? It has to be able to travel, and it seems that this one is the largest of the super-zoom contenders...

Now, owners of the SX10IS, are you happy with the camera? Are there any pet peeves you have? I heard that the battery indicator doesn't up soon enough/doesn't exist...

And finally, are there other cameras in this price range I should consider before purchasing the Canon? It seems that according to the reviews here and elsewhere, Canon trades CA for photo sharpness, so that there is some pretty bright fringing near the edges of the FOV, but the Canon doesn't smudge the photo either, and I can live with this... I like the features available on the canon (manual focus, shutter/aperture priority, impressive macro features, on-camera stitching, especially the articulating screen, SD card support), but I could live without some of them... I guess I'm asking "what else is out there"?

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