Virtual slide projector

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Gary J Jensen Senior Member • Posts: 2,204
Re: Projector Simulation (LOL)...

AlanG wrote:

To complete the simulation make sure some photos are in sideways and upside down. Also some images should pop out of focus and the show should jam occasionally. For added excitement, maybe even have a jammed slide "melt" from overheating.

And, of course, don't forget the dust and scratches.

By the way, you can actually get video effects footage [filters or overlays] that will simulate "damaged film" for vintage video effects. Some of the effects available include the "scratched movie film" effect, "dust" artifacts, "burn holes", "damaged sprocket hole flicker", "film break", "leaders" & "trailers", and others.

Some of these effects can be fun to play with.

Thanks for your post!

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