What's your photo backup system ?

Started Jul 13, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: What's your photo backup system ?

For my own backups I have 2 external 750Gb (eSATA) Western Digital drives to which I back up my photos (and videos, important files etc) on a weekly basis or whenever I have added new photos to the PC Hard Drives.
I use Acronis to backup the same files to each drive.

In addition, I also backup to DVDs which are stored off-site.

I do use Flickr to store jpg versions of photos so at least all is not lost if the other backups are destroyed but the main problem with the web-based offerings is the enormous amount of time that it can take to complete the back-up process if you are intending to store the RAW versions.

I would suggest that you compare how many Gb of photos you have with the upload speed to the web site.

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