Walk around lens for my D700

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(Re: Not) Another vote for the Nikon 28-105..

I would love an improved version of the 24-120VR, until than use my 28-105 as well.

TMHO the 28-105 is sharper than the 24-120, or let's say -compared to 28-70 and 24-70- "less soft..."
Focusing is fast for a screw driven lens

Distortion control is exceptional with the 28-105, while very bad with the 24-120VR.

The 24-85 F2.8-F4, of which I tested an exceptional sharp copy(as sharp than my 24-70 F2.8 in the center), would have been a little better about distortion(which is really bad...), that would have been the fixed lens on my D700.

jdrpc wrote:

I had the 28-105 for many years, and used it a lot on film and digital.

It was indeed sharp, at certain conditions ( http://www.pbase.com/jdrpc/image/30325667 ), but quite slow on focusing (and noisy).

Anyway, my 24-120 is not less sharp, on the contrary, and I use a lot the 24mm and the 120mm which make a BIG difference.
And the AF-S is indeed very fast.
So, again, when I have to pick a single lens from my lot, I always use this...


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