k7 vs k20 - noise analysis

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Comment on Oleg's findings

Unfortunately, it looks like Oleg had no time to reply in the thread during last 3 days.
Before this thread will die, I would like to make a comment on his findings:

If one take a completely random and uncorrelated one dimensional array and apply Gaussian filter with aperture 0.5 then the correlation in the filtered array will be approx. 0.2, i.e. the same as on Oleg’s plots.

The numbers are slightly different for 2d array, but anyway, the main claim of OP can be reformulated this way:

At high ISO (1600 and up) K7 seem to apply low pass filter which is approx. equivalent to Gaussian filter with an aperture 0.5 pixel.

How noticeable is this? Test it yourself: take any image, apply Gaussian filter with aperture 0.5 pixel and try to catch the difference.

Does it really worth 150 posts?


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